Corona Virus


The Covid-19 outbreak has created an unprecedented level of anxiety and uncertainty around the world for the physical health and financial health of all of us.

We want to let you know that our advisers and admin team are here to help you, and we are continuing to manage your affairs for the best possible outcomes bearing in mind the circumstances that we find ourselves in. Disruptive events will always occur during any investment journey and investment portfolios are diversified to help manage these disruptions. It does not make them immune to global events but it does help in periods of financial uncertainty. History tells us that businesses and economies will recover and so will stock markets. The UK, USA, China, Europe and Japan amongst other countries have put in place policy actions that bode well for a recovery once this current crisis starts to abate. It is a difficult period but things will get better if past crises have been anything to go by.

We are all here to assist and help you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

We aim to maintain the highest standards of client care and service that we can. IPP have followed the advice issued by the UK Government and feel it is appropriate to let you know how we intend to deal with this ever-changing situation.

Firstly, in line with government advice, we are asking a number of our team to work from home. We have invested significantly in IT and modern telecoms in recent years and our team can already access and deal with all of our main processes from home. We have effectively closed our head office, however, should you wish to speak to someone, please just phone the usual office numbers as these have been forwarded to our team’s mobile extensions at home. If we cannot put you straight through to who you need, then we will ensure that you receive a call-back as soon as possible. In line with statements issued by our regulator, the FCA, we are asking clients and our advisers to avoid non-essential travel and face to face meetings.

It is important that as a responsible firm we take these proactive steps to minimise the spread of the Corona virus. We will endeavour to be available via telephone or email or Skype to help you in whatever way we are able. Please note that some unavoidable delays may occur to our usual level of service as we have noticed significant issues with Royal mail in particular. Whenever possible we will deal with any transaction on your behalf via email or secure email with the companies whom we transact with on your behalf. This is a constantly changing situation and we fear it may well get worse before it gets better. If we feel any action is necessary on your part we will be in touch to let you know. We appreciate your understanding during this quite remarkable period of our history. If you do need any help or have any questions please get in touch, we are here to help and hopefully reassure you in these troubling times.